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    SÁCH Understanding and Using English Grammar - Third Edition

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  6. Level: Advance
    Author: Betty Schrampfer Azar
    Pages: 567
    Size: 25.4 MB
    Format: PDF

    A classic developmental skills text for intermediate to advanced students of English, Understanding and Using English Grammar is a comprehensive reference grammar as well as a stimulating and teachable classroom text. While keeping the same basic approach and material as in earlier editions, the Third Edition more fully develops communicative and interactive language-learning activities. Some of the new features are:
    *Numerous "real communication" opportunities
    *More options for interactive work in pairs and groups

    *Additional open-ended communicative tasks for both speaking and writing
    *Expanded error analysis exercises
    *Interesting and lively new exercise material
    *Shorte units for easy class use The program components include the Student Book, Workbook, Chartbook, Teacher's Guide
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